Lucy Wheller-Parr

That’s so Photoshopped.

Ahh Photoshop, Adobe’s most well known program. Made famous by memes and dodgy magazine covers.

I barely used Photoshop during my time at University, but now I’m at work it’s by far my go to program. Granted, I do get a lot of photo manipulation requests but it can be super useful for layouts and digital assets like banners and social media content. I’m going to outline a few of the features I discovered to be super useful, and definitely should have learnt way before I did. Some things may seem super obvious, but no question is a stupid question.

Guide Layout

Here you can choose the width of your columns/rows, or have them spaced equally along your document by specifying a number you’d like. If needed, you can also add a gutter, which is the gap in between each section. This is super useful for setting type, however I personally don’t tend to need a gutter in Photoshop. Here, you can also add a margin, which adds guides around the edge of the document. If you input a minus number here, the margin with be along the outside of your document. Ta Da! You’ve got a bleed line (needed to extend graphics for print).

I like to stick to a specified number of columns/rows along my whole document, that way I know I am positioning things in the correct place. I also like double that number to centre things within my chosen columns. The specified width option can also be useful for times when you only need columns along a certain section of the document, for example you need columns only along the middle third of the document, you’d specify the desired width, then tick centre columns to align to the middle of the document.

Other useful features are that favourite layouts can be saved under the Preset drop down, you can clear any existing guides by ticking the clear existing guides box, and the keyboard shortcut to turn the guides on/off is Ctrl; (Windows) or Command; (Mac).

Adjustment Layers


Lighting Effects

I’m an In-House Graphic Designer who likes branding, photography and Pantone 13–0647.